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Last 50 spots for SR8ZBW (KN09RR67) on 144.4380 MHz

It has been heard by DK2DTF in locator JN49IU for an ODX of 918km.
Unable to compute distance/bearing for Guest.

You may View data for SR8ZBW, OR View spots as a Beacon Spot Map, OR List the last 50 spots for this Band.
To access ALL spots for this beacon, rather than just the last 50, use Downloads from the menu.

DateTimeBeaconFrequencyRPTPropCommentsDist(km)SourceSpotterSpotter Loc
2019-07-0605:58SR8ZBW144.4380319TRjo70ur<tr>kn09rr 319425DXCSO3ZJO70UR
2019-03-0314:07SR8ZBW144.4382599TRkn09vm<tr>kn09rr 59934DXCSP8WJWKN09VM
2018-11-0506:21SR8ZBW144.4368599TR599 1 khz down5DXCSP8WJWKN09SR
2018-09-2707:52SR8ZBW144.4380519TRkn09<tr>jn78 519 an450DXCOE3FVUJN78VE
2018-06-1604:47SR8ZBW144.4381MSmny longs ms peaks frm kn09rq?918DXCDK2DTFJN49IU
2018-06-0918:01SR8ZBW144.4380599TRjo90ak<tr>kn09rr 599257DXCSQ6NDMJO90AK
2018-06-0908:49SR8ZBW144.4380559TR559 kn09rx<tr>kn09rr28DXCSP8WJWKN09RX
2018-06-0708:06SR8ZBW144.4386519TRkn09rr<tr>jo90ck 519 good246DXCSP6KEPJO90CK
2018-06-0316:57SR8ZBW144.4380538TRjo90ak<tr>kn09rr 538257DXCSQ6NDMJO90AK
2018-05-3107:39SR8ZBW144.4382419TRkn09rr<tr>jo90ck stable 419246DXCSP6KEPJO90CK
2018-05-3107:33SR8ZBW144.4382319ASjo82lj<as>kn09rr 319433DXCSO3ZJO82LJ
2018-05-3011:56SR8ZBW144.4382599TR599 new beacon kn09rr 5w omni6DXCSP8WJWKN09SR
2018-05-0115:22SR8ZBW144.4380TRbeacon test kn09rr6DXCSP8WJWKN09SR